complete telco expense management
over the past 10 years, our clients have saved
over $165,000,000 in telco expenses

Telecom Expense Management Software

Our web-based managed services ensure you control and reduce costs by automating and streamlining your Telecom Expense Management and spend process.

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Complementing our TEM software, our consulting services include Benchmarking, Auditing & Optimisation, Proposal Evaluation and Tender Management.

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FCG Telco

Track, measure and control
Telecom Expense Management with usage insights, detailed statistics and analysis on how
to reduce costs further.

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Delivering Outstanding Results for our clients

Thanks to over 10 years of TEMS experience, extensive field data
and superior software development,
the average client first year saving is 26%.

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Telecom Expense Management

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our clients trust us to save them money and help manage future expenditure through auditing, benchmarking and evaluation

“We now have a level of cost transparency, cost-centre breakdown and management reporting that gives us the edge, enabling us to keep costs completely in check and providing understanding to the management team…”
Andrew Millingen
ICT & BI Manager
Case Studies
“It is fair to say that, had we undertaken this process ourselves, we would not have had nearly the same level of financial and operational success… the review will achieve an estimated cost savings of 60% price difference from our previous set-up.”
Ferdinand Arimado
Procurement Manager
Case Studies
"I can highly recommend Full Circle to any organization; you will find their service is exceptional and represents an excellent return on investment."
Jose Perez
Information Services Manager
Case Studies
"Not only does your software provide the reporting we require, your team are always willing to help and go the extra mile, and provide a great wealth of knowledge that has educated us on many cost saving initiatives."
Ben Mooney
MIS Asset Management
Case Studies
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26 Nov 11:00 : WARNING - unlimited plans always have call/usage types that are not included in 'all you can eat' #telco bundles
25 Nov 15:00 : Telecommunications review highlights importance of equitable mobile phone access
24 Nov 15:00 : Six telcos asked to comply with TCP Code
23 Nov 15:00 : Regional Telecommunications Review: Indi MP Cathy McGowan urges action on recommendations

the complete telecom expense management system at your fingertips

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Our expense reduction analysts endeavour to highlight the spending on your telecommunication carrier bills that you can turn into savings. Using our expertly created business management software you will be able to turn your carrier’s profits into your company savings.

Business Analytics

Small Business Software

The Full Circle Group’s business management software was introduced to highlight cost savings and cost efficiency in your telecommunication carrier bills. Our expense reduction analysts produce business analytics output to highlight where your business can make savings in regards to your phone bills. According to our research, 98% of telecommunication bills have errors to some degree and it is important not to fall into that category. Moreover, our expense reduction analysts have developed small business software suitable for small businesses. Although different business analytics will be applied to small businesses, small business software will still analyse where your business can save. Overall, our business management software will audit your carrier bills to highlight where you can save and how not to be overcharged.