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web-based managed services to control and reduce costs by automating and streamlining your telecom expense management solutions

Our web-based platform, accessible anywhere in the world by any of your staff, is vendor neutral and managed by us for you, meaning you don’t have to learn any new skills and always have consistency and continuity of your fixed and mobile Telco data.

We can assist you to centralise and operate your end-to-end telecommunications processes across multiple vendors using our purpose-built insight platform with highly automated processes.

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full circle is different

Full Circle’s Software as a Service Telecom Expense Management Software (TEMS) will ensure that you:

  • Business intelligence solutions controlling and reducing costs by an annual first year saving of 26% with proactive telecom management of your voice, data and mobile services and devices
  • Reduce your resource requirements by providing experienced specialists as part of our expense management system
  • Have our telecommunications management team to assist you with any question you may have and any bespoke report that you may require
  • Benefit from our contractual and legal expertise

telecom expense management software features

Full Circle is the only current Australian TEMS provider than can offer all of the following in one comprehensive package:


Claim any historical overcharges, whilst we examine and quantify all possible future savings, and take action to immediately reduce your Telco spend


Determine the best level of market pricing offered by your chosen or incumbent supplier and negotiate pricing with set target levels


Generate cost savings and efficiency at any time of a contract life cycle by aligning all services to its lowest cost based on usage profile

FCG Telco Analytics®

An expense management system that generates detailed statistics and information about your telecommunications usage and costs, providing data driven analysis on how to reduce costs further


Online portal dashboard highlighting the key monthly indicators including spend, number of services and international roaming

Project and Bespoke Solutions

Critical cost saving insights surrounding Strategy, Go To Market Tendering and Proposal Evaluation

“We now have a level of cost transparency, cost-centre breakdown and management reporting that gives us the edge, enabling us to keep costs completely in check and providing understanding to the management team…”

Andrew Millingen – ICT & BI Manager

“It is fair to say that, had we undertaken this process ourselves, we would not have had nearly the same level of financial and operational success… the review will achieve an estimated cost savings of 60% price difference from our previous set-up.”

Ferdinand Arimado – Procurement Manager

"I can highly recommend Full Circle to any organization; you will find their service is exceptional and represents an excellent return on investment."

Jose Perez – Information Services Manager

"Not only does your software provide the reporting we require, your team are always willing to help and go the extra mile, and provide a great wealth of knowledge that has educated us on many cost saving initiatives."

Ben Mooney – MIS Asset Management

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Thousands of companies have already seen the benefits of Full Circle’s Telco Expense Management Software. Read their stories here.

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Download our comprehensive fact sheet for complete, detailed information about Telco Expense Management Software (TEMS).

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the complete telecom expense management system at your fingertips

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Our TEM Software allows your business to further control their expenses by highlighting where you can save on your phone bills. All business incur overhead costs, however, some telecommunication carrier costs are unwarranted.

Expense Management Solutions

Telecom Management Reducing Company Spend

Our TEM Software is designed online so that it can be accessed by your staff from anywhere around the world. Designed to reduce company spend on phone and mobile bills, our telecom expense management system highlights where you can save costs and allows us to have the most elite expense management solutions in the country. Our software also intends to improve your telecommunications management so that you can save company spending and turn it into profit. Enquire today to receive more information regarding our TEM software packages and overall expense management solutions.