Telecommunications Tender

As you head towards the end of your telecommunications contract you will have a few choices you can make. If you are happy with your incumbent supplier(s), then you may only wish to work with them to recontract under a new arrangement. If you are looking at assessing the possibility of multiple suppliers, whether including your incumbent or not, then you would conduct a tender.

If, after assessing all your options, it is decided the best approach is to go to market, then there are two other elements which need to be decided: (1) How much should we have Full Circle undertake (from all elements to just assessing responses) and (2) What is our strategy to going to market.

why full circle is different

Our telecommunications tenders have been measured to have a pricing benefit approximately 11% greater than those tenders that are conducted in-house. There is also the significant amount of time that can be saved by internal resources and stakeholders when the tender is managed.

There are reasons for this: independence, objectivity, an understanding of strategy and how to formulate the approach. This expertise and knowledge is coupled with an in-depth assessment of your spend and volume profile which can ensure a razor-like focus on costs and responses as well as setting the criteria for a successful tender.

We can also introduce extrinsic factors which impact the tender such as optimisation and benchmarking, independent 3rd party views of what the market is achieving, how to make your existing portfolio efficient before the tender, and align the tender responses in the most appropriate manner during the tender.


When is the best time to get started?

The more time you have before contract expiry, the better the timing, as there is no pressure on the process and with this unencumbered approach, you have control of the process and can make better decisions. Accordingly, the best time to get started is 6+ months before the end of your carrier contract. If you have less time, then 4 months are enough, provided the right legal protections are put in place and we can assist with these.

How long will it take?

A tender could be completed in 6 weeks, at a push. However, the optimum time to conduct an end to end tender is between 3-4 months. This includes the pre-tender workshops, carrier engagement, tender being released in the market, assessment of responses, decision being made and contracts being negotiated, checked and signed.

What if I already have proposals?

Then the approach may be to undertake proposal evaluation rather than start a tender. Having said that, if the proposals do not meet your needs, then you can add structure to a tender process, start again and create a tender even if it means seeking proposals again from the same carriers.

Coverage and network is more important to us than price, so how do you evaluate these factors?

For most of our Australian clients, coverage is of critical concern and one cannot ignore than some networks have better coverage then others. When we undertake the workshops we will understand all of your business drivers, commercial requirements and operational needs. This will ensure that we can weight the importance of all relevant business factors; coverage being just one, but it may be the most important one. Again, this knowledge will define the scope of the tender document itself and help define the necessary strategy to employ in order to achieve the desired commercial and operational outcomes.

Will you manage the questions during the telecommunication tender process?

Yes we can. We seek that all correspondence during the tender is directed to the Full Circle tender manager and all answers are provided equally to all respondents. The critical piece of the tender is to ensure a level playing field for all respondents and ensure that the tender process has the necessary probity.

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